FOR Kids! Intro to Camera Basics $350.00
For the artistic kid or teen! I have kids myself and I know a passion for photography can start young! So I thought I would make this available to the young ones to give them some skill to add to their passion and excitement.

Schedule is flexible for what works for everyone.

This class will be a group course. It is geared toward the true beginner that needs to know how to use their camera, ipad or iphone to take portraits and landscapes.
2 hours x 5 classes- I think spreading out the classes over a week is the best choice for the young mind but I am open to trying a few different options to suit parent's schedules.

Required, a camera or ipad/iphone- but preferably a camera- with manual settings, a memory card, a notepad or tablet to take lots of notes.

***Bonus-everyone will leave with a printed portrait that they took during the workshop.
Seats available: 100
Total Price: $350.00